Radio Age is proud to offer professional antique radio restoration services
from one of the finest craftsmen in the field of antique radios.
  • Cabinet repair
  • Refinishing
  • Painting
  • Wood replacement parts
  • Electronic repair
  • Wood, bakelite, plastic, and metal radios
Mel Wattles has a Master's degree in Industrial Technology and is currently in retirement after 35 years as an educator and instructor in woodworking and cabinet making.

In his own words: "There are two things I really love doing.... restoring these old radios and talking about them. I grew up in the Golden Age of Radios and saw the most collectible radios of today when they were new on the shelves. I love collecting and working with these products whose hallmark was outstanding design executed with precise craftsmanship. I am using my wood-working and electronic skills doing what I enjoy most and am offering the restoration services of Radio Renewal on a limited basis. I would be happy to give free estimates and advice on your antique radio restoration projects."

For information and quotes on your project, please e-mail