Here is an extremely rare and highly sought after Emerson CH-256, nicknamed the "Stradivarius" or just the "Strad." This completely unique radio was made in 1939 and is shaped like a violin, complete with cutouts on the top. This is an Ingraham designed cabinet. There were two types of wood finishes for this model: the walnut and the much more rare curly maple. This example is the beautiful curly maple model. The radio has been expertly restored by Mel Wattles Radio Renewal. Has original knobs and Ingraham badge on bottom. Has new reproduction dial cover, new line cord, and new reproduction bardboard back. Has been electronically serviced and plays strongly and clearly. Receives on AM band. Don't miss this extremely rare and incredibly beautiful radio! Item #616.



EMERSON CH-256 "Stradivarius"
6 "H x 11"W x 5 1/2"D.
Curly Maple
5 Tubes
AM band